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Actually, I think you'll find that the Apps are the reason to be in the market.   If 95% of the worlds phones run a 'commodity' Android phone, how do you think the app market place will end up?  Will people make the iPhone #1 when developing apps?    Therefore to make iOS the platform standard that continues to be developed on first, you have to have massive market share.  Therefore you need to be selling a phone that makes it the standard and is a revenue generator from...
This is one where users don't care. When you're on a Kindle you're not going to confuse an App Store with an Apple one. Where you're on an iPad you're not going to confuse an App Store with an Amazon one. A food store is where I buy food, an app store is where I buy apps. Waste of money that could be being focused on R&D and coming up with something good for the next gen phones.
Many would select the cheapest... so I would expect any such phone to be sold in emerging markets only, otherwise profits will tank.   A budget phone will be sold to solidify iOS in certain markets only.  And will have to have sufficiently less features to justify the price difference from the premium phones.
..."hinder honest developers who will now have to go through a roundabout process to upload screenshots to their respective app pages in the event of an update or version change." "New screenshots may be uploaded when you submit a binary for an update to an existing app or a new app." Not sure how you're hindered in the event of an update or version change, since you can upload a new image then...
  Actually, I think you'll find that it's because people don't have a tablet.   I'm more likely to buy what I don't have, and if I buy a tablet, I'm either going to buy a cheap one (Kindle Fire) or the best (iPad).   Most homes have a PC and don't need a new one.  Eventually the market will stabilize and sales of both PCs and tablets will enter the organic replacement/growth phase when homes all have tablets too.  In the meantime we have millions of tablet sales, along...
It wouldn't surprise me if 7% was low for the Fire, and that ABI chart agrees with me.  The logic being that the browser on the Kindle is actually pretty poor.   They are fun for games, movies and reading, but still need a quality browser.  Because of that, for every owner browsing on an iPad, I say there are probably 2 Kindle users.  So I would not be surprised if these reported numbers are low - I would expect closer to 10-14% Kindle.   Additionally, of the...
"Together, RIM and Microsoft make up just over 10 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, while Symbian has just a half-percent. " Not sure why you're comparing companies with an OS here.
Until TSMC actually have a US fab, this is bad news for the drive to build in the USA.
"Even though China Mobile has 707.3 total wireless subscribers" Think there is an M missing there. Either that, or they are the worlds smallest wireless company and I'm curious as to 0.3 of a person.
Much as I would love to believe this report, I find it unlikely when every other report recently has shown Apple on a market share decline, this appears out of place.   If it is true, then excellent, but I'd like to see some hard backing facts.
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