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Much as I would love to believe this report, I find it unlikely when every other report recently has shown Apple on a market share decline, this appears out of place.   If it is true, then excellent, but I'd like to see some hard backing facts.
Even for the super rich, a 100M yacht is a lot of money. That's at the 'I have so much I don't know what to do with it level'. Unless you're going to live on it as your base home... in which case I'd spend a lot.
They bother because more people will use Google services. Which means more ads and more spying on you.Doesn't matter whether iOS or Android, it's all about users spending time with Google services.
I think they should produce a budget phone for markets like India and China. This does not stop them selling the high-end phones too, but non-retina displays will be just as popular. Think a 3G level but with faster processor and possible slightly size larger too. After all, smaller is typically more expensive to engineer. They can focus on revenue from the app store in those markets. They need to be there gaining back market share, otherwise they will continue to...
See the trouble touchscreen keyboards can cause!Thankfully you can buy Bluetooth keyboards.
Intel have done it... and then stopped. XScale.I too doubt Intel will get into this. x86 is their focus, and why not as it is the most successful processor market, and their IP focus.Apple moving to x86 processors might be possible now we have Medfield and it's successors. But I think ARM is still their focus, especially given purchases of Intrincity etc.And all this is rumor. Samsung will continue to supply over the next few years during any migration as any change...
That is true... the Google store is vetted much less than Apple's, so their potential liabilities would be higher.However, I do see that as Apple is directly profiting from the sale of each App, and is providing it directly as content from their store, that effectively they are responsible for the sale of counterfeit goods. A direct comparison is a shop in the US selling a fake product. In this instance the brand manufacturer is completely entitled to sue the pants of...
"In 2010, Apple was paid a foreign tax rate of 1.2 percent on earnings of $13 billion." Wow, Apple "was paid" tax. And the rest of us pay it. No wonder the profits are so high!
Time for that ARM desktop, perhaps.
There is an interesting risk with these fake cables about to arrive on the market... if engineers have analyzed how the iPhone talks to the chip and these fake USB cables simply respond in the same way, the risk is that Apple can change the authentication challenge and suddenly the cables will no longer work because they won't know the new correct response. If Apple did that, people might be as annoyed at Apple as the cable companies, so not sure if breaking a bunch of...
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