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As you love your red bold I will use it too: There is actually a Remote Desktop app released by Microsoft for the ARM RT units in the App Store.Someone else showed me today.
Playing that keyboard looks so cramped. Sticking with 9.7" here.
"Apple's smaller iPad forecast to become 'competition's worst nightmare'" I can't be the only one who read this that Apple was forecasting smaller sales of iPads, and then wondered why that was becoming a nightmare to competitors.
Let's face it... the new Surface was rumored to be a low price yet the reality is Microsoft and Apple want to make money and know people will buy. Therefore I doubt you'll see a 199 or even 250 iPad. 299 up is most likely. 350 up very likely. Much less and they'll destroy the market on $500 tablets, which is where the best margins are.
The bug where the text cursor won't move (click) in Safari into say the Google search edit box (in page not top right) is much more annoying to me. The cursor gets stuck and the text box is hard to insert text into. You can get it to work but it takes about 5 clicks to get the cursor to move. I think iOS 6 is the highest quality X.0.0 release though (maps excluded). Been very stable here.
All Microsoft have to say is that Surface only runs the new Windows App Store apps. Simple. Job done.Back on topic, this display guy is the same display guy that recently said a Kindle HD screen outperforms the iPad3 in many categories. And he actually had a real device to look at that time. Here, he's making it all up as he doesn't even have a product to look at.Gets him good press though, all this talk about nothing.
  Yes, he is an odd person to leave in when he was clearly passionate about ownership of ideas.   I have to say that when he spoke to the press after trial he sounded as if he was the man who swung the decisions based on this personal experience and that struck me as odd.  I expected the jurors to be more individual in their decisions.   Oh well, whether Samsung win or loose was never going to change things really.  Both Apple and Samsung will continue to sell boatloads...
If Apple are not licensing this redirected traffic, I'd expect this to break pretty quickly. Apple either run their own maps services, or not.
Let's hope they release any 7" tablet at a good margin level because we don't need current tablet margins to be eroded.  Too cheap and it's time to sell stock.
  It brought it for the OS, but not for Apps.
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