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I just noticed that Apple must have changed the way they package App updates in iOS6.   My Garmin navigation app is normally a 1.3GB download and previous updates have taken forever.  Today, I just got an update pushed out which took about 2 minutes to download and apply.   There is no way that downloaded 1.3GB in that time over Wifi so I believe they must now be sending updates as a diff style differential update, which will be saving them a lot of bandwidth and...
  I guess so when AI publishes them :)  Perhaps the article is incorrect?
That's because it has a chip in it and you have to pay Apple to build a power cable now.
  Most of these do not work on my iPhone 4.  I just see worse map searches/map display than before along with missing features.   Someone did make a big mistake here.  I'd say Apple should have internally tested this by removing all navigation apps from Apple employee phones and forcing them to use this and get it up to scratch before putting it on the public.  To promote it as a big upgrade and feature was probably not the best thing to do.   I think the new maps has the...
So... I was looking forward to this and have it setup to do not disturb between 10pm and 7am.  Great!  Been waiting for this since my BB years ago.   Last night I went to bed at 11.30pm and for years have had to remember to mute the phone so as to not be disturbed at night... the sleep icon was on so I thought ok, let's just plug it in and see how this goes.   BLEEP!   The charge notification sounds!   Thankfully the wife did not wake.  So it appears that...
When you really compare the iPhone 4S and 920 cameras, they have the same pixel size and same pixel count.  So while branded as 8.7 over 8, they are the same.   Where the Lumia is better (by datasheet) is F/2.0 over F/2.4 and the hardware optical image stabilization which will help in all situations too.   Will be interesting to see side by side shots when they are both in the market place.   edit: corrected spelling
Nokia really messed up yesterday when they released that fake.  However there is now a real video out of it in use:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFhhBJ1URCg&feature=player_embedded#!   Before anyone says 'it used a flash', all good cameras use a flash to focus. The picture itself is taken in the dark after the flash.   Shows what an F2.0 lens and hardware IS can do.  
Watch the first 20 seconds.  Clearly someone is videoing both people cycling along... likely on a large camera.   Edit: After watching the video slowly, it does look fake.  Until real units are on the street we'll never know just how fake.
Good.  That puts my mind at rest.   I want a camera that is as good as that Nokia's on my next iPhone.
  Isn't that the mistake Blackberry made?  It was the standard.  You have to push the limits and set the standard or people move on.
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