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Competition is good.  It drives innovation from everyone.   My iPhone 4 is getting a couple of years old now... it was much better than my 3G before it, which was better than my BB before that.  But to me, the question is will the 5 be a step forward with new features worthy of moving to, or will it be an incremental upgrade like the 4S?   From what I've seen, I don't see the revolution and that worries me.  Friends will have phones more feature packed.   I hope I'm...
There is.   This video looks pretty impressive to me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cimDfEIEiu0&feature=BFa&list=PLgKNvl454BxeDMU2rPf3Y7rjegrzYwd7U
Actually, the latter is why it would spend a lot more than 10 minutes in court.   The First-sale doctrine overrides (exempts you from) any attempted contracts to block your ability to re-sell/transfer (distribute) something you have purchased.  It is there to protect the consumer and prevent copyright owners from blocking a resale.   And when websites have links using terms such as 'buy', you really are creating an inferred sale, no matter what small print you tag...
  100% behind you.  However in the USA, the courts are currently split, likely because in Europe the consumer is put first, but in the USA, companies often are.   The argument is that since you never own the music file, you have no rights to transfer it.  In fact you agreed to a license specifically taking away your rights before you received the file.   I hope this goes to the Supreme court and common sense prevails there as it did in the past with physical copyright...
Not really.  Because his contract is about millions, he has a lawyer review it.    We are talking normal people wanting to 'buy' a 0.99c song.
  That will hardly matter in 30 years.   Do you use software from 30 years ago? :)
  Wrong.  EMusic was drm free long before Apple.
  He is not suing the music artists, but the store for having unfair licenses.  A comparable action is you suing the store that sold you your DVD.  Feel free.   Do you really read every word in the terms and conditions you frequently have to accept to keep an Apple account?  That is not an issue when you walk out of your store.   There is no doubt this is an issue that needs sorting.  Either that or we need to go back to buying CDs where we have the government protected...
So is everyone 100% bought into these being real?  Just a thought that Apple might leak real looking parts out there to put focus away from the real phone.   I always loved it when we had no real idea what was coming...  all this is spoiling the fun!   Edit: I mean another thought is that nfc chip that is an unknown antenna/part.  It could just be fake?
On a phone, LTE is overkill.  On laptops, tablets it's desirable.   The biggest issue is network providers not providing adequate 3G performance.  I.e. capacity issues on existing networks.   Additionally LTE is also a standards nightmare... look at the iPad sold to Australia.  At least 3G is a standard that is compatible around most of the world.
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