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Looks like he walked in a store, saw how relaxed people looked and how happy everyone was and decided it was because they had too many staff sitting around.  Jerk!   The environment in stores is what makes the stores.  Laying off staff will only piss off the staff that remain as well as create a stressful environment.    I loathe managers that change things for a quick buck without thinking long term.  
As the article says, it's hardly surprising these companies are not happy with Windows 8, as the application store will drive people to buy products from that instead of direct from Value/Blizzard.  But that will take a long time to change anything.   For the Windows world, I'm sure it's far from the end of the world... I've briefly used the CP in a VM and it appears to work as well as Windows 7.  Only annoying thing was the lack of the start button.   For touch...
What is the basis for that argument?
Clearly you need to read my original post. Both Cook and I want jobs back in the US. Period. You are imagining a lot of stuff.
Guess I'm not the only one who things US jobs are a good thing to have...How myopic was that?
Such a pity this place is infested with people who have to make personal attacks.
Such a pity it's not "Production ramp of Apple's next-gen MacBooks creating labor shortages in Texas". Or similar.
Is this true? What about Opera... I didn't think that was webkit.
I would expect a minimum price of $350. Yet why do it? Apple already has great products and making a smaller form factor would lower sales of the more profitable higher value parts. 50% of $500 is a lot more than 50% of $350. Moving that way means a business shift to money from content, not money from hardware as we have today.
There is good logic there. If your competitor is there influencing people, you should really be making sure those people are hearing the full story, not just one side.Personally I think lobbying should be banned, and DC should be salaried. However until that day never happens, you have to play the game to get the most success.
New Posts  All Forums: