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I hate it when AI headlines read, "Apple wins..." with regard to patents. There isn't a competition. Apple didn't "win" anything. They invented something, files an application for a patent, and the patent was "awarded". It's a big difference.
$149 is the standalone price. It's included free if you buy a box of CrackerJacks.
Probably not. This is the low-end MacBook. Did you not notice they upgraded the other MacBooks to Thunderbolt 2 yesterday?
The new MacBook isn't yet available. Apple specifically mentioned that the new USB connector supports DisplayPort technology, so I will guess that an adapter will soon be available. That said, this new machine is the bottom of the MacBook line, MacBook < MacBook Air < MacBook Pro. It's not surprising that it doesn't have all of the features as its more powerful siblings.
That configuration is already available today in today's MacBook Airs. In fact, it's exactly my configuration. So why aren't you already "in"?
Exactly. I think it's inclusion into the presentation was meant to distract from the crap that is Windows 10, and it has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.
Obviously a typo...
No. That page tells you which phone you get if you are a subscriber with those carriers. Phones require specific frequency bands to support each carrier. Older phones (and iPhones) had to be built specifically for certain carriers. As technology and chip manufacturing has advanced, successive generations of iPhones support more more bands in each model. The iPhone 6 comes closest so far to supporting all carriers with just a few models. However, if you are an AT&T...
They are different models. The previous T-Mobile contract free phones were Verizon models, which support AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The "new" unlocked iPhones are the Sprint phones, which support AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.
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