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 Can you imagine if Bloomberg or Reuters applied the same metric (percentage of revenue) to employee pay? The headline would scream about how underpaid Apple employees are, and Tim Cook would be singled out as one of the lowest paid CEOs in America.  It hasn't been drifting down in dollar terms, which is what matters. The use of percentage is misleading since it's comparing dollar spending to ever increasing revenue.
Terribly misleading clickbait headline. It's true that Apple's spending is a "fraction" of other tech companies' spending. The fraction, however, happens to be greater than 1.
I haven't seen it mentioned yet, but you should keep a backup of the music you own, just like you keep backups of all of your other data.
I see a future where cellular voice plans are deprecated and everything becomes data. The cellular carriers just become mobile network operators.
Wow. That is FM!
I don't get it either. How can my calls be forwarded from my phone to my Mac over the cell network, considering that my Mac doesn't have a cellular modem (neither does my iPad).
I hate it when AI headlines read, "Apple wins..." with regard to patents. There isn't a competition. Apple didn't "win" anything. They invented something, files an application for a patent, and the patent was "awarded". It's a big difference.
$149 is the standalone price. It's included free if you buy a box of CrackerJacks.
Probably not. This is the low-end MacBook. Did you not notice they upgraded the other MacBooks to Thunderbolt 2 yesterday?
The new MacBook isn't yet available. Apple specifically mentioned that the new USB connector supports DisplayPort technology, so I will guess that an adapter will soon be available. That said, this new machine is the bottom of the MacBook line, MacBook < MacBook Air < MacBook Pro. It's not surprising that it doesn't have all of the features as its more powerful siblings.
New Posts  All Forums: