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Which is exactly where we are now. Why can't the next iPad move the switch to the side?
Done. What do you want to know?
No way this will be "all new" nor will it consist of well-written Mac apps, nor will be it have full feature parity. No way. It will be the same underlying code as Office 2011 (which itself is based on earlier code) with some new features and new skins.
"High def" usually refers to extreme bit depths or sample rates that can capture sound outside the range of human hearing, such as 16 bit 96 kHz.
Of course, but that's not what he was talking about.
There is no point in "high-def" sound if you can't hear it. It's the same thing with pixels. Camera makers once raced to increase the pixel count until it doesn't really matter anymore. We're seeing the same thing with displays today. Once the pixels become too small to see, there is no point to making them smaller. High def sound is the same. We understand how the ears work. Adding more bits doesn't mean they are audible.
Nobody ever recommends that because the shares will likely become worthless when the company exits chapter 11.
Neither volatility nor price are set by anyone. They are both the result of buyers and sellers negotiating the price at which shares exchange hands.
Yet you just snap your fingers and conjure up imaginary demand that exceeds Apple's production capacity. I'm sure Apple has a good handle on their supply and defend and will figure it out just fine, if they haven't already.
And the personal attacks begin when logic fails. Would you care to explain why Apple can't increase production capacity? I'm sure there are more people here than just me that would like to be wowed by your business acumen.
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