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I disagree. Even at $500 per share, the minimum investment is $500. So a split is only really catering to people who have less than $500 to invest, and that's a very small audience.
Or he can use his iPhone/iPod.
ML doesn't add any restrictions to what you can do with your files or your machine, and neither did Lion for that matter.
I've been using Mac OS X for ten years and never used X11 once. I doubt many do and those people still have the means to install it.
Because this isn't a patent. It's a published patent application. The USPTO routinely published applications 18 months after they are filed, but it can take years to issue.
With Mountain Lion, Apple might not have 1080p content, but Mac owners certainly will. 1080p will come soon.
Just before its public release, and if the server farm can support it--they will announce "one more thing..." -- Siri!
I see nothing of the sort in your link. When they refer to "basic communication device" I think they're referring to the baseband chip.As I saw somewhere else, what Moto is doing is like this...suppose Moto were to own the patent on MP3 audio and Mercedes shipped a car with an audio system that played MP3s. If Moto owned that patent, they would be demanding 2.25% of the retail price of the car. WTF?
It depends on how you define density. Either pixels per inch, or pixels per square inch would work. But since author chose pixels per inch, he was indeed wrong about quadrupling.
Head over to CNET, where a writer uses this same data to "prove" that Android is winning the smartphone war. Evidence? He asserts that because more first-time buyers are getting Android phones, the iPhone will slip into irrelevance. I, on the other hand, think everyone is entitled to make mistakes. Those first time Android buyers will become second time iPhone buyers. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-573...tphone-buyers/
New Posts  All Forums: