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In Snow Leopard, you would have complained that the unwanted item you removed was still there!
From iBooks Author help: "When you create a book, you begin with a template. A template includes everything you need to create a book: a set of book elements and a variety of layouts for chapters, sections, and pages. Using a template, you can create a professional-looking book with a consistent design across all of its elements. You can modify the elements of any template to suit your needs. If you want to reuse a modified template in the future, you can save the template...
Why do you think patent infringement relies on copied code? Patent infringement doesn't rely on copied code. In fact, the patent in question has no code! The patent is on a method of performing real-time signal processing on serially transmitted data. If the method Google uses infringes on the claims of Apple's patent, then Android infringes, even if the code is different. That said, I am no expert, and am not able to argue this point with certainty.
I think it would be easy for a court to tell Google to stop distributing Android, if the code that is being distributed infringes Apple patents.
Still, there is nothing to prevent an injunction against the distribution of Android itself.
Apple revenues more than double Microsoft's. Ten years ago nobody would have predicted this.
You don't have to buy anything. Every copy of Mac OS X includes an app called Grapher (Utilities > Grapher) that creates beautiful equations that you can copy and paste into Pages, Keynote, iBooks Author...
It has been interesting reading both of your arguments. I think you've actually been arguing over the definition of the word weight. One wants it to refer to the force of attraction between two bodies based on mass. The other wants it to refer to the reading on a scale set on the surface of the earth.
No. The point of this book is to make money for the author and publisher.
What school did you attend? Pounds are units of force. The english unit of mass is the slug.
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