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Got a source for this?
I already switched to See Finance...very happy. There are many alternatives better than Quicken.
Bravo! How quickly people forget this. The fandroids still rail at Apple for locking down music with DRM, years after they went DRM-free. The whole world owes Apple a debt of gratitude for defeating Windows Media audio and video.
I first read this as, "Android licensees poop out new models..."
And 480 isn't close enough? Actually, I think they are the same. OWC quotes capacity after over-provisioning. I'm not sure Apple does. So OWCs module really is a 512GB module.
Why wait? Just buy a third-party module.
He could have said, "$500! For a phone! Fully Subsidized! That's the most expensive phone in the world and it doesn't appeal to business customers because it doesn't have a keyboard, which makes it not a very good email machine."
And what OS would you run on it? Is it an iPod, in which case you're blowing up a small display with a corresponding decrease in resolution? Or is it an iPad, where you're shrinking the display and making the touch targets smaller and more difficult to use? That's why the 7" tablets are tweeners with no future.
Think outside the box. Your iPhone or iPod Touch will be the remote.
"The PlayBook sold just a half-million units in the first quarter of availability, but dropped to 250,000 the following quarter. In the third quarter, sales dipped to just 150,000." Neil...those are units SHIPPED, not units sold!
New Posts  All Forums: