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That'll do it. My Time Machine drive has almost 6 million files. And I forgot that Lion's Time Machine keeps backups on the local disk when a Mac isn't connected to the Time Machine drive.
Not really. My Lion installation, with all of my own files and folders (about 450GB) only has 795,000 files. You can check it out in Disk Utility by selecting the disk in the left column and reading the statistics at the bottom of the window.
It's also good if the product meets the buyer's expectations. If you purchase a cheap tablet, you expect to receive a cheap tablet.
That's a great point, and I've often thought about it myself. But then you have to realize that Apple designed a different UI for the iPad and the iPhone. It would make more sense for Apple to release a 7" iPod touch than a 7" iPad.
Let's be civil, shall we? I know how shares work. I see a flaw in your reasoning, and I'll use round numbers to demonstrate it. Suppose a company has 10 shares outstanding and a market cap of $100. Each share is worth $10. Now imagine the company buys 9 of the shares. They'll sink $90 into the purchase and the value of that last share of stock is still $10, because the company as a whole is still worth $100.
This can't be correct. If so, then the value of all of the shares repurchased before the final one would have to be zero. Repurchased shares don't vanish. They are still shares of ownership. All that happens when a company buys its own shares is that the company owns them. The total number of shares remains the same. If Apple bought every share of AAPL today except one, that last remaining share would still be worth $388.
The Calendar icon looks familiar too.
Even if another $4 billion is invested in Apple stock, the company doesn't get any of the money.
You're right. Restaurants as an industry have embraced flash. I don't know why.
It might look like a speaker, but it could be spy watch that emits poison gas through the holes when secretly triggered.
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