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You don't have to buy anything. Every copy of Mac OS X includes an app called Grapher (Utilities > Grapher) that creates beautiful equations that you can copy and paste into Pages, Keynote, iBooks Author...
It has been interesting reading both of your arguments. I think you've actually been arguing over the definition of the word weight. One wants it to refer to the force of attraction between two bodies based on mass. The other wants it to refer to the reading on a scale set on the surface of the earth.
No. The point of this book is to make money for the author and publisher.
What school did you attend? Pounds are units of force. The english unit of mass is the slug.
Got a source for this?
I already switched to See Finance...very happy. There are many alternatives better than Quicken.
Bravo! How quickly people forget this. The fandroids still rail at Apple for locking down music with DRM, years after they went DRM-free. The whole world owes Apple a debt of gratitude for defeating Windows Media audio and video.
I first read this as, "Android licensees poop out new models..."
And 480 isn't close enough? Actually, I think they are the same. OWC quotes capacity after over-provisioning. I'm not sure Apple does. So OWCs module really is a 512GB module.
Why wait? Just buy a third-party module.
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