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Yes. That's what I'm saying. Part of running a successful manufacturing business is forecasting demand. Apple is second to none in running their supply chain. If they needed to make 75 million per quarter, they would have forecast that and planned for it.
I wouldn't say Apple is constrained. Launch demand is a spike. Apple has the capacity to make every phone the market wants to buy over the entire year.
It makes no business sense for any company to design a product and sit it on it for months, over the biggest selling season, while competitors continue to sell, and all the while pissing off customers who all have expectations set by rumors. Companies make things to sell them, not to sit in inventory on warehouse shelves.
You forget that iCloud is accessible from both Macs and PCs running Windows.
"We don't have a burning desire or need for coverage,"   LOL!!! Until everyone has LTE there is a burning need for coverage.
Agree 100%.
Yes they did. But designers can be lazy, so it's easier to use the hamburger menu than design a nice site.
That's incorrect. The USPTO publishes patent applications publicly 18 months after they are filed. The article's author was a bit remiss when he wrote, "The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published an Apple patent..." He should have said the Office published an Apple patent application...
There is no such thing as sapphire glass. Just sapphire.
It's very simple. The best angle is obtained when the wrists are straight. Tilting a keyboard up at the back is actually really bad ergonomics because it forces the typist to bend the wrists up.
New Posts  All Forums: