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That's incorrect. The USPTO publishes patent applications publicly 18 months after they are filed. The article's author was a bit remiss when he wrote, "The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published an Apple patent..." He should have said the Office published an Apple patent application...
There is no such thing as sapphire glass. Just sapphire.
It's very simple. The best angle is obtained when the wrists are straight. Tilting a keyboard up at the back is actually really bad ergonomics because it forces the typist to bend the wrists up.
It's not often that AppleInsider so badly fails at headline writing. The headline should read, "Samsung Uses Scripted Actors to Compare Apple's iPad Air to Galaxy Tab S".
Because not everyone is complaining. Many people are very happy with that machine.
You're not wrong to question their value, but you're wrong to compare them to generic white LED lamps. These are multi-colored, controllable, bulbs.
"...the Tap feels unsubstantial with an exterior made from plastic composite"   Plastic composite, or just plain plastic?
Yes. There will be a lot of buying and selling of shares.
No. Any broker should fill an order for one share at the same price and with the same speed as any other order. See post #20 to see several two share orders bring filled at normal prices.
You need a new broker. Right away.
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