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I wouldn't mind if it sorted on the phonetic field as long as it said it was sorting on the phonetic field. What bothers me is that it's telling me it's sorting on the first or last name field, but it's really sorting on something else! If you haven't already, submit feedback to Apple: www.apple.com/feedback
Motorola has clever marketeers. It's only 7.1 mm thin if you don't count the thick part (as shown in photos above).
Yes. The sorting issues has to be a bug. Dictionaries aren't sorted phonetically. What a mess that would be. Submit feedback to Apple at www.apple.com/feedback
It knows because the proximity sensors are located next to the ear speaker. the microphone, on the other hand, is on the bottom. So the only way you could "fool" the proximity sensors with your mouth would be to hold the earpiece to your lips, but then you wouldn't be talking toward the microphone, and the noise canceling wouldn't work well because it's built to work best when the phone is held against your head. Nobody is going to try to talk into the earpiece.
No. I said it works when you raise it to your head, like you are making a phone call (you know...next to your ear). The AI post says it is supposed to work when you raise it to your mouth. It's not the same.
It's easy. The software switch was programmed in and it was probably turned on using some kind of push message from Apple.
It didn't work because that's not how it's supposed to work. It activates when you raise the phone to your HEAD like you are making a phone call. It uses the accelerometers and proximity sensors to detect that it has been placed against your head, not held in front of you face. Against the head is, by the way, the best position for the noise canceling to work.
Maybe you missed the news. Apple just released a new iPhone two weeks ago. It's selling extremely well.
Samsung infringes everywhere. Litigation continues. It just takes time.
If by "open air" you mean holding the phone in front of you, then I agree a headset is better. Rather than holding the phone in front of your mouth, though, it's much much better to hold it to your head just like you are making a phone call. It'll handle the most noisy environments when you use it this way.
New Posts  All Forums: