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And all of this can be yours for the low price of $999.99! But wait, there's more...
The Galaxy Tab 10.1 was introduced before iPad 2. I don't think it had reached the market yet when Apple introduced the iPad 2. Immediately after, Samsung made a public statement that the Tab needed to be redesigned, and out popped what you know today as the Tab 10.1.
Please elaborate. Why would a rational person invest time and resources to invent anything if a competitor can simply copy it for free?
Certainly claim 1 is not demonstrated by the youtube video posted earlier. Therefore, it can't be used as prior art.
Right. I can't think of any open standards that Apple doesn't support.
The Flash "problem" will be resolved soon, as it is systematically being replaced by standards such as HTML 5.
I wouldn't mind if it sorted on the phonetic field as long as it said it was sorting on the phonetic field. What bothers me is that it's telling me it's sorting on the first or last name field, but it's really sorting on something else! If you haven't already, submit feedback to Apple: www.apple.com/feedback
Motorola has clever marketeers. It's only 7.1 mm thin if you don't count the thick part (as shown in photos above).
Yes. The sorting issues has to be a bug. Dictionaries aren't sorted phonetically. What a mess that would be. Submit feedback to Apple at www.apple.com/feedback
It knows because the proximity sensors are located next to the ear speaker. the microphone, on the other hand, is on the bottom. So the only way you could "fool" the proximity sensors with your mouth would be to hold the earpiece to your lips, but then you wouldn't be talking toward the microphone, and the noise canceling wouldn't work well because it's built to work best when the phone is held against your head. Nobody is going to try to talk into the earpiece.
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