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Maybe you missed the news. Apple just released a new iPhone two weeks ago. It's selling extremely well.
Samsung infringes everywhere. Litigation continues. It just takes time.
If by "open air" you mean holding the phone in front of you, then I agree a headset is better. Rather than holding the phone in front of your mouth, though, it's much much better to hold it to your head just like you are making a phone call. It'll handle the most noisy environments when you use it this way.
Did Apple say this somewhere? The background noise reduction works best when you hold the phone to your head, not with a headset. It works because there are two microphones on the phone, one on top and one on the bottom. They both hear the same background noise, but the microphone on the bottom hears you voice a lot better. So the signal processing subtracts the top waveform from the bottom waveform--the noise cancels out and your voice is left. Headsets can't do this.
You have quite a sense of entitlement, and no sense of responsibility. If you drop it, it's your fault.
Ignoring your personal insults, don't you think customers have been wanting coverage for accidental damage? I do. This is going to make a lot of people very happy.
I don't see any problem with it, and I'm curious why you would. It's a replacement for a used phone. The replacement phone is going to look and feel brand new. It will have been tested over and above a new phone. And it will be warranted the same as a new phone.
For $400 he should let it go. This doesn't require legal action.
When the Apple haters discuss Apple suing Samsung for copying the iPhone design, design doesn't matter. When Apple releases a new phone without any design changes, design suddenly matters most. Hypocrites.
As the Android fans always say, choice is good. You don't have to upgrade. For me (and many others I think) the speed of the 4S and Siri are going to make me want it.
New Posts  All Forums: