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As the Android fans always say, choice is good. You don't have to upgrade. For me (and many others I think) the speed of the 4S and Siri are going to make me want it.
You are not limited to 2GB. If you use it all, you get more for an additional $10.
Two thumbs up!
The entire stock market was down and Apple moved with it. By the end of the day, both the market and AAPL recovered most of their loss. This movement had nothing to do with iPhone.
Funny you should say that it's already powerful enough. The rest of the internet is crying because twice as fast isn't good enough.
Yes. But will it work with the iPhone 4?
It'll work until October 15th. Then it apparently shuts off. (Launch Siri. It'll tell you this).
Makes sense. AT&T only has LTE in five US cities so far.
I think the problem is one of expectations. I think 20 sec is entirely reasonable since the size of your media library is over 1TB. Anyway, it only has to load once if you keep iTunes running (like I do).
How do you "know" that the iPhone can do what the iPhone 5 does and that there isn't a good technical reason for limiting voice to iPhone 5? You're making an assumption that this would run great on iPhone 4 and that assumption may not be accurate.
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