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If you're serious about the size of your library, it's probably on an external drive. That would slow iTunes down a bit during launch I think.
And that would be bad for Apple how?
You could? It doesn't sound like you could.
It's 40% of the iPad's price, but it's also only 40% of the size, and has about 40% of the features. Together, that may be enough to satisfy some. It also my wet their thirst for the real thing.
Considering that Amazon never reveals how many Kindles it sells, we may never know if it's a blockbuster or a dud.
I disagree. There is nothing wrong with today's iPhone 4. It's still the world's best selling cell phone. What you forget is the software. iOS 5 is going to be the big star Tuesday, I predict.
It depends what you consider to be a "slight bump under the hood". Desktop computers have matured to the point where every iteration is a "slight bump under the hood" yet people continue buying them. I think the iPhone 5 is going to gain more from iOS 5 than from new hardware. Mobile requires a balance of power and efficiency. I think the hardware is going to be enough of a bump to support the amazing features of iOS 5 and nothing more. iOS is what is going to sell this...
Not really. I bought a 1989 house in 1998 and I paid full price for it.
Although you already got one answer, here is another way to look at it. If this were not the case, there would be no protection for IP at all. Suppose that company A wanted to use company B's IP without having to pay for it. All they would have to do would be to set up shell company C to steal the IP, and then use C's infringing product without any liability.
From what I know, all cell phone plans cost the same. The carrier sets the rate, not the phone maker.
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