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From what I know, all cell phone plans cost the same. The carrier sets the rate, not the phone maker.
The Moen faucet company has a trademark on One-Touch. I wonder how that slipped by...
Is Lion struggling in enterprises? I haven't seen anything about that. As for the app store, I thought there were special ways for businesses to buy group licenses. And since Microsoft is moving the same direction with Windows 8 and their app store, I can't see how Apple would be put at a disadvantage. Why not take the burden of application updates off of IT and let the app store manage it?
It's not available from the menu (option-clicking or not). It was in the Lion beta, apparently, but not the shipping version. You have to run it manually.
So type on a keyboard instead of the screen. That isn't so hard, is it?
This tablet has a different design than the iPad, yet Samsung and all of its apologists claim that there is only one way to design a table...
One would think so, yes. But look at the "success" RIM and the Android makers have had with their BOGO deals.
I agree with this.
That's crazy on a mobile plan.
Clearly you don't understand the concept of patents. Pay particular attention to "design patent".
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