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Probably, considering they've had Lion for over a year.
I read the Thunderbolt specification. It doesn't support matte displays.
So just plug in a DVD drive.
Doing what?
Why do think it's not a good home-theater computer?
The 13" with 4GB/256GB used to be $1799. Now it's $1599.
And you know this...how?
The chart says 27% of WinPhone buyers are "very satisfied", not 57%. Something is very fishy.
The analyst (Munster) was quoted in the article saying that Apple activated 29 million iOS devices in June alone. June has 30 days. That's almost 1 million per day...still well ahead of Android. (Edit: I now think the quote was wrong and he meant the June quarter.)
What a strange thing to say, as though all of the applications we have today will suddenly break.
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