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This tablet has a different design than the iPad, yet Samsung and all of its apologists claim that there is only one way to design a table...
One would think so, yes. But look at the "success" RIM and the Android makers have had with their BOGO deals.
I agree with this.
That's crazy on a mobile plan.
Clearly you don't understand the concept of patents. Pay particular attention to "design patent".
Do you really believe that? Would Apple have spent the huge amount of money they did to invent the iPhone knowing its IP could be freely ripped off? Would the consumer be better off if the iPhone had never been invented?
That makes as much sense as asking, "Why write when even books themselves are for sale?"
Tha't correct.
My bet is that he's not a native english speaker.
"...while 2011 MacBook Pro notebooks and other Thunderbolt-based Macs with discrete graphics can support two of the displays." Only the 15" and 17" models support two displays. The 13" MacBook Pro supports a single display.
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