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Probably so they can be contacted, since they are victims of fraud. Apple will probably ask that the fake store refund all money to these people and ask them to return the fake products.
Sounds like RIM hired some Microsoft marketeers. Next, they're going to explain how BBM helps you stay connected to the people you care about most.
2 x pi x r
Of course there is: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1437Only the Lion purchase is from the app store. Updates apparently will be posted online.
Yes it is. And in the Google-Oracle lawsuit, Google tried to argue that Android revenue was zero because they give it away for free and therefore they should not be liable for any penalties. Well if Android generates no revenue for Google, how is Motorola Mobility worth $12.5 billion to them? I think they have just given Oracle's attorneys a big bone.
I wouldn't count on that lasting very long.
I wonder if Google and Microsoft received similar fines.
He must have been misquoted, for I'm sure he meant "smooth sell-through."
They are said to change their search algorithms all of the time, but the original Pagerank system is patented, http://www.google.com/patents?vid=6285999
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