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I wouldn't count on that lasting very long.
I wonder if Google and Microsoft received similar fines.
He must have been misquoted, for I'm sure he meant "smooth sell-through."
They are said to change their search algorithms all of the time, but the original Pagerank system is patented, http://www.google.com/patents?vid=6285999
Google is like a pissed off burglar arguing that security bars and door locks on homes block his "innovative" thievery.
I hope they don't even try, because there is an infinite number of them!
We don't know Apple's reasoning, but they could have called it 10.6.9 and still had plenty of number remaining (10.6.10, 10.6.11, 10.6.12, etc.) for future updates. I think a better reason is that 10.6.9 is already in the works and these fixes were made to the 10.6.8 codebase, not the 10.6.9 code.
The Airs (both current and previous generation) don't have glass over the displays, so they are less reflective than the screens of the iMac, MacBook Pro, and Cinema Displays.
Nope. Like all previous Mac OS X releases, Lion contains no activation nor DRM. You need an AppleID to purchase Lion from the App Store. That's all.
Plus, you could always use a wifi remote (i.e., iPod, iPhone, or iPad).
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