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"...the Tap feels unsubstantial with an exterior made from plastic composite"   Plastic composite, or just plain plastic?
Yes. There will be a lot of buying and selling of shares.
No. Any broker should fill an order for one share at the same price and with the same speed as any other order. See post #20 to see several two share orders bring filled at normal prices.
You need a new broker. Right away.
Don't blame the order size for delayed execution when the trader used a limit order, and the market wasn't willing to meet their price.
It's the market maker's job to fill your order, and they will. Somewhat unintuitively, it's the really large orders that are harder to fill.
It's super easy. I put in an order for share and it's executed immediately. Every online broker does this. If you're talking about "full service" (I.e., expensive) broker assisted firms, you may be right.
That's incorrect. You can easily buy any number of shares. Got $650? Buy one share. Piece of cake.
$250? Way too expensive. Sell it for $49.95. /s
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