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Why do think it's not a good home-theater computer?
The 13" with 4GB/256GB used to be $1799. Now it's $1599.
And you know this...how?
The chart says 27% of WinPhone buyers are "very satisfied", not 57%. Something is very fishy.
The analyst (Munster) was quoted in the article saying that Apple activated 29 million iOS devices in June alone. June has 30 days. That's almost 1 million per day...still well ahead of Android. (Edit: I now think the quote was wrong and he meant the June quarter.)
What a strange thing to say, as though all of the applications we have today will suddenly break.
...because the 7" wannabe iPads are such runaway hits?
Until you leave your cellular coverage area, or want to listen to the same song more than once and have to re-stream it each time.
A spoiled child that doesn't want his stuff stolen.
And they should also design and build worse products, so their competitors don't have to work so hard.
New Posts  All Forums: