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it'll be resumable. The technology to resume has been around a while.
No. But each use has their own account, right? They should. You can already authorize multiple iTunes accounts simultaneously. Log out of one account (iTunes store > click on account name > sign out). The account stays authorized even though you are logged out. Then authorize the other accounts the same way. They'll all stay authorized.
Splitting shares doesn't change the P/E. (And Apple has a bit over $80 billion in the "bank")
Please stop with the drama. Do you download media? As Apple said, an HD movie runs about 4GB. Watch a few TV shows and you're at 4GB. No ISP cares about 4GB. And if you're really concerned, just take your MacBook to a public wifi area like an Apple store or a library. Restoring from a separate partition IS an option (it's installed with Lion by default). It's simple, it works, and you'll probably never need to use it anyway. As Povilas said, you can probably move the...
Yes. You might have two Macs, an iPhone, an iPad, and AppleTV or two. Ten is a reasonable number that covers most people.
What are you referring to? Selling Lion for $30 for all your machines isn't a money grabbing decision by Apple. What only works on functional machines? I see no problem with selling the server upgrade for $50. How can this cause trouble?
AppleTV is getting a software update too. Don't confuse the iOS 4 AppleTV with the iOS 5 AppleTV. Apple isn't dumb. Like Steve said, they build stuff they want to use themselves. I'm sure they've thought of this.
Disks fail. Files get corrupted. But I have never heard of partitions getting hosed. But if they do, you restore from your backup.
If your disk fails, you restore from your backup.
I agree with this wholeheartedly. If iCloud takes hold in this way, sales of the lower end (64GB) MacBook Air could go through the roof.
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