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There is no tablet market. There is only an iPad market.
Nobody is close to Apple in terms of usability, ease of use, integration, etc. Yet every year, people come out of the woodwork to explain how Apple needs something big or they're doomed.
Whatever is new iniOS 5, you can bet that about half of the people here will whine about it.
You can't make that statement without knowing the wholesale price.
I don't know much about retail, but I don't think that's the way it works. If it did, you'd see the same products priced differently in different outlets. Instead, what we usually see is a fixed retail price.
Good point! And the unlimited installs on all the machines you own...
Are you suggesting that there are no costs to pay when delivering software in normal retail channels? Of course there are. Apple's cut for distribution is probably in line with what other retailers charge.
A man of integrity. Yes, it's not an app store. It's just a website with downloads.
It costs the same either way. Plus, there are plenty of other stocks in the hundreds of dollars price range that aren't stuck like AAPL.
Sure hackers may try harder. But they still won't get far, as the design of Mac OS X cannot be compared to that of Windows. The closet in my bedroom is a windowless room, like a bank vault. But me putting a lock on the door doesn't make it as secure as the vault, which is more secure by design.
New Posts  All Forums: