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This isn't the place for personal insults. Stop that. That said, I know AT&T doesn't have download caps, and I don't think the others do either. At AT&T you pay for the data you use, but you can use as much as you want without limit.
It puts to rest none of those rumors. Just because Apple doesn't advertise them doesn't mean they don't exist. Let's wait for MacFixit to take one apart before jumping to conclusions about what's inside.
How about Kellogg's, for their Blackberry Pop Tarts.
I've heard the same about the United side.
I found a transcript of their call. It's priceless: "The BlackBerry was the number one smartphone in several countries in March and April including Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia..."
I disagree. That used to be true, though I think the status of a BB faded long ago.
No pilot, no plane, and no flight is "perfect." Safe and legal is the norm.
Interesting. I didn't know that was possible.
I'm pretty sure the IMEI cannot be altered.
Wait! You didn't pay 30% of your income to Apple. You sell products through a distributor. Every penny you received from your distributor, you kept.
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