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I don't understand why AppleInsider thinks they can take stock Apple pictures, assemble them into a collage, and then stamp their own watermark on the result.
There doesn't have to be anything inventive for a design patent. It's a patent on the ornamental design, which simply means others can't copy it's appearance. This is not about function.
I guess you could switch to Windows. Oh wait, they're moving to ARM too.
I love your positive outlook! Have you considered a career as a motivational speaker?
You people are hard to please. I like the move to the App Store, but I'll probably just buy the physical disc. Why not do the same?
Why? If your company gives you a Mac, don't you think they'd install the update for you? And if they choose not to update, you probably shouldn't be doing it yourself.
Me too. I've always kept a system backup on a small external drive. And if he doesn't want to do that, he can clone his internal drive to a backup, or use Time Machine. In any case, the Mac has always had backup options.
I'm sorry. I don't see any relevance. The patent seems to exactly match Apple's explanation of how iPhone works.
I wasn't talking about backing up the installer. That may or may not be available. I meant booting from the current backup of your machine.
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