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Interesting. I didn't know that was possible.
I'm pretty sure the IMEI cannot be altered.
Wait! You didn't pay 30% of your income to Apple. You sell products through a distributor. Every penny you received from your distributor, you kept.
I own an iPhone. I care if it gets stolen. As for pirating apps, let's take one problem at a time.
For what it's worth, here is my strategy. I have a 13" MacBook Pro connected to a cinema display. The MacBook streams media to an AppleTV, my iPhone, and my iPad. The display powers down when I'm not in front of the machine, and I keep the MacBook running 24/7. All of my media is on a Drobo connected via USB. I back up the Drobo every night to an external 2GB USB drive, and I swap the 2GB drive with an off-site drive every two weeks. The MacBook itself is backed up...
I researched this last year. As I recall, Apple said at the introduction of Time Machine that Airport Extreme would support it. But that didn't happen when Leopard was released. I think I found some information on the net that suggested Apple left the feature out because it wasn't reliable.
Sorry. I missed your title. I have a 13" MacBook connected to a Drobo. My Drobo has all of the media on it, and the MacBook is the home server. It works great. Note that a Drobo (or other RAID device) only protects against drive failures, and still needs to be backed up if you value the data on it.
Please link to the "how", as Apple doesn't support it.
As a backup device, the Time Capsule drive can fail and you haven't lost any data because it's still on your Mac. You replace the TC drive, and off you go.
Airport Extreme does not support Time Machine. As for Time Capsule, I guess some fail and some don't. But why do you say it's not upgradeable? Apple has updated the software several times, and you can easily swap the hard drive.
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