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I've been using See Finance for the past two months and just last week deleted Quicken. It imported 15 years of Quicken data without a hiccup. I am Lion-ready!
Obviously they can't be "covered" in plexiglass, or else the touch screens wouldn't work.
I don't think cap means what you think it does. No US carrier has a capped data plan.
I guess we're paying more because we're getting more speed. It's expensive for the carriers to replace their networks with each new wireless generation. And caps? Who's capped? Not AT&T nor Verizon.
The quality of a network is more than just signal strength in your home. Where do you live in Denver, exactly? I know a at least one weak area near Cherry Creek where nobody in the neighborhood will let AT&T build a tower. It's a full court NIMBY press. Have you reported the low signal to AT&T?
I don't understand why AppleInsider thinks they can take stock Apple pictures, assemble them into a collage, and then stamp their own watermark on the result.
There doesn't have to be anything inventive for a design patent. It's a patent on the ornamental design, which simply means others can't copy it's appearance. This is not about function.
I guess you could switch to Windows. Oh wait, they're moving to ARM too.
I love your positive outlook! Have you considered a career as a motivational speaker?
You people are hard to please. I like the move to the App Store, but I'll probably just buy the physical disc. Why not do the same?
New Posts  All Forums: