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How about Kellogg's, for their Blackberry Pop Tarts.
I've heard the same about the United side.
I found a transcript of their call. It's priceless: "The BlackBerry was the number one smartphone in several countries in March and April including Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia..."
I disagree. That used to be true, though I think the status of a BB faded long ago.
No pilot, no plane, and no flight is "perfect." Safe and legal is the norm.
Interesting. I didn't know that was possible.
I'm pretty sure the IMEI cannot be altered.
Wait! You didn't pay 30% of your income to Apple. You sell products through a distributor. Every penny you received from your distributor, you kept.
I own an iPhone. I care if it gets stolen. As for pirating apps, let's take one problem at a time.
For what it's worth, here is my strategy. I have a 13" MacBook Pro connected to a cinema display. The MacBook streams media to an AppleTV, my iPhone, and my iPad. The display powers down when I'm not in front of the machine, and I keep the MacBook running 24/7. All of my media is on a Drobo connected via USB. I back up the Drobo every night to an external 2GB USB drive, and I swap the 2GB drive with an off-site drive every two weeks. The MacBook itself is backed up...
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