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Then move the controls. They are draggable, you know.
Personally I don't care if it's licensed or not.http://www.amazon.com/tag/iphone%20c..._tag_ptcn_istp
I agree! Why let software handle the hard work. I want my next iPod/iPhone to have front panel switches and lights so I can manually set the bits in memory.
So how much does a replacement cable cost? About $5-$10! Hardly expensive.
It's also possible that Apple simply believes their inventory can be put to better use in areas of high demand. The demand in Canada probably won't be so high with these high priced plans.
You'd probably already be on a nasty multi-year plan if you already had a Rogers SIM card!
That's very interesting. My receiver gets power from the Nano it's plugged into. Doesn't yours?
Because memory is not free?
I'm very happy with these small updates. More memory is always nice to have. This was no doubt simply a matter of availability of higher density chips. 3G, on the other hand, is an entirely new hardware/software platform. That might take a while.
That's an interesting analysis. I have never considered Office to be worth $500. But for those who do, the current offer is a good deal after all.
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