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Well, yes, jailbreaking is always an option.
I believe iTunes has to be running and the computer must be awake.
Simply because those are the terms imposed by the carrier and our choices are take it or leave it.Otherwise, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The sooner the carriers realize that they are dumb pipes and begin to behave that way, the better.
No. Because the terms of use say you're buying data for one device. The cable TV example goes like this: You pay for "unlimited" use of the included channels. Just because your neighbor isn't watching one of them doesn't give you the right to take the signal for your own use. A cable internet example: Your neighbor pays for unlimited data (for his household). That doesn't mean you can mooch off him because it's "unlimited". I wish wireless data were billed on pay-as-you-go...
Let me guess, you "share" your cable TV connection with a neighbor since the wire already runs to the neighborhood.
Let's not get carried away. Apple doesn't "ban" anything from the Mac. They never have and they never will.
The Verizon software was just released in January. Verizon iPhones will get these new features soon enough.
I'm a shareholder, and saw a lady using an iPad 2 at the laundromat yesterday.
I think yes.
That was the 32 bit Core Duo, right. It only ever shipped in the very first Intel MacBooks, didn't it--back in 2007?
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