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I think Quicken is the only PPC app I still use regularly. If only Intuit would get off their butts...
It's probably because this is a clean install. Apps that are installed as part of the system might not be included in the "app" category.
Most people don't need to go into their Library folder. If you do, I suggest you're not typical. And Lion will in no way restrict your access to it. It's just hidden. This is going to be a good thing for most people.
And you think a USB stick is going to perform differently in a USB3 port than in a USB2 port?
You're thinking too small. Who says you'll only have one disk connected to your port? The bandwidth of Thunderbolt is supposed to be larger than that required by your devices so that you can put multiple devices of multiple types onto that one port.
That wasn't a patent. It was an application for a patent. Big difference.
It sounds like a lot of great things will be in Lion. Too bad Microsoft Office won't Work with any of them.
It seems like the Airport Express and Airport Base Station firmware should be updated to allow AirPrint to work with connected printers.
I just deleted my iTunes preference files and now the video window is back. However, the View>Video size menu is grayed out while a movie is playing and not grayed out when no movie is playing...
I've got something similar going on here. When the video plays, I hear it but there is no video window. If I select full screen, the video plays normally but when I leave full screen mode, the video window remains gone. It's weird and I have not figure it out yet.
New Posts  All Forums: