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Obviously it's your castle in the sky (the clouds).
Tracked and logged, yes. But not shared with Apple.And if you're worried about that, you should see what information your credit card company knows about you! They keep a record of every purchase you make.And you phone company logs every phone call!And your bank knows how much money you have!And your grocery store knows what kind of food you buy, and your HOA probably knows when you enter and exit the gate, and your postman knows who sends you mail, and so on...So your...
I think Windows is the opposite of flat. Windows screams out "LOOK AT ME!" The Mac has always been more subtle. It stays out of the way so I can pay attention to my content.
So Amazon is very clever. It's not a Kindle with ads...it's a Kindle with special offers.
That was in 2008. In the past two years, wheel mice have been replaced by touch controls, first on the Magic Mouse and later on the Magic Trackpad.
Preparing for shipment right now!
Mine is supposed to be shipped April 20, but they charged my credit card yesterday so maybe they'll beat that date.
Apple has $50 billion in cash reserves? How did they lose $10 billion?
I think Lion will be faster than Snow Leopard. At least on my MacBook Pro the preview was faster.
I don't believe you will. I ordered mine two weeks...it's supposed to ship on April 20th and that date hasn't changed since I ordered. I'm counting on Apple to surprise me with early shipment.
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