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The switch you bought last time will still work. ;-)
I don't think RAID and SMART belong in the same sentence. RAID provides the redundancy, so individual drives can be run to failure. SMART is about predicting failure before it happens.
The news here isn’t that Apple will stream the keynote. The news is that this is another example of the app as a channel. If Apple is going to take our TVs down that road, this will serve as a demonstration to the media giants that Apple's technology works.
You are exactly right regarding utility and design patents.
Why is it that leakers can't focus cameras?
Please don't quote the whole article.
Outstanding observation!
AppleTV hasn't got a hard drive. It's turtles all the way down.
If you go to Vegas and play the games without learning them first, you lose. It's the same with finance. You should learn what to do before you jump in.
I hear the Task Manager is pretty fun to play with. 
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