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Since this things works with both, I don't get what you're trying to say.
The point of a tool like 1Password is that there is no reason to create memorable passwords. The tool does the work and all the user has to remember is the master password. For that, the diceware method is exactly what Agile recommends. 
You mean the new hires whom Apple is searching for today won't play a role in the products likely to be launched later this month? Fascinating.
On my locked iPhone 5, I asked Siri to "show my photos" and it required a passcode.
 "Dial" and "call" do the same thing.
Why go through this trouble when you can use Siri to call any number while the phone is locked?
Strange headline. It has a new processor, different RAM, better radios, bigger battery, better camera, better flash, but "no major internal design changes"? What would constitute a major change then, unless the writer is simply talking about the layout of black squares of silicon.
 Some people will buy it because they're not driven by spec lists--they like the look, the feel, the color, the $100 savings, etc.
 Not necessarily. I see this as incentive for developers to begin adjusting for 64 bit today so everything will be ready in the future. Apple did a great job transitioning the Mac seamlessly from 32 to 64 bit. Microsoft didn't do it so smoothly with Windows.
stylorouge is a paid Samsung shill--probably native Korean judging from his broken english. He only recently joined to spread BS like this. Check out his other posts.
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