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No. It had a touchscreen. We take those for granted nowadays, but back then Apple's touch technology wowed the world.
Uncheck this --> Preferences > General > Open documents in Pixelmator file format
It looks like the center piece is flexible, so you can  bend it the other way and the phone will be right side up.
There is no upside down with the Lightning port. It's fully reversible so you can choose whether to put the phone face down or face up.
Since this things works with both, I don't get what you're trying to say.
The point of a tool like 1Password is that there is no reason to create memorable passwords. The tool does the work and all the user has to remember is the master password. For that, the diceware method is exactly what Agile recommends. 
You mean the new hires whom Apple is searching for today won't play a role in the products likely to be launched later this month? Fascinating.
On my locked iPhone 5, I asked Siri to "show my photos" and it required a passcode.
 "Dial" and "call" do the same thing.
Why go through this trouble when you can use Siri to call any number while the phone is locked?
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