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 Some people will buy it because they're not driven by spec lists--they like the look, the feel, the color, the $100 savings, etc.
 Not necessarily. I see this as incentive for developers to begin adjusting for 64 bit today so everything will be ready in the future. Apple did a great job transitioning the Mac seamlessly from 32 to 64 bit. Microsoft didn't do it so smoothly with Windows.
stylorouge is a paid Samsung shill--probably native Korean judging from his broken english. He only recently joined to spread BS like this. Check out his other posts.
Of course the interface adjustments are a valid topic. He was criticizing hfts for NOT addressing them.
"five years might not be enough time to restore competition to the e-books market..."   Because hamstringing Apple "restores" competition. What dream world is the DOJ living in?
On one hand, mstone is complaining because Mail downloads every message. And on the other hand he is complaining because he thinks iOS Mail does not. Of course, with IMAP they both stay in sync with the server, as they should.
Who said there was a holdup? I don't think Apple commited to a beta release schedule.
It plugs into the wall, instead of screwing into a lamp base.
Stereo speakers are a waste in a small device because you can't get stereo separation with them so close to each other.
If you use Apple products to be "cool" I would say you are in the minority. The rest of us choose Apple products because they work best for us.
New Posts  All Forums: