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How would Apple even catch defective units? The rumor says they were returned, meaning they first shipped. Apple doesn't open every iPhone box to inspect the phone before selling it. This sounds very suspicious.
I'm with you. Steve Jobs never made such a vow. All he said was that their competitors were going down the wrong road with their 7" tablets running scaled up mobile phone software. iPad Mini doesn't do that.
What is your technique for juggling SD cards? Do you carry them all with you all the time? What happens when the one your application needs isn't inserted?
Just like an Apple music player, or an Apple phone. Apple should stick with what it knows--computers.
Mazda, does your Pulsar do everything that Apple's watch does, or does it just tell time and date?
Well then, I guess the FAA is "airplane happy" and the USPS is "mail happy". Oh, I guess the legal system would be "lawsuit happy" too. It What she said means nothing.
Good question! They must have meant "iPhones and cellular-enabled iPads".
Playing catch up how? People understand that there is more to a quality photograph than megapixels. The megapixel race is over, just as the megahertz race is.
Why do you assume Apple would require everyone to use the same finger all of the time? Apple has smart people and if they release this technology you can be sure they will have thought of things like that.
Apple couldn't do much with a single satellite. Worldwide coverage--no. Compatible with existing phones--no.
New Posts  All Forums: