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  Flyover is not composed of satellite views. It's made by flying over a city with an airplane.
Where can you buy a smartphone unsubsidized for $100?
I suspect you don't understand what you see in Activity Monitor. My Mac has been on for a few weeks, and I run Safari all the time with lots of tabs. Currently I have four tabs open and Safari is using 292MB of RAM. I just launched Notes and it's using 35MB.
Here is a good article on why 24 bit doesn't matter. http://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html
And neither comment #2 or #3 are relevant to the story. Logic Pro X is about making music, which includes editing. Resolution and fidelity is important during the creative process, but less so during delivery and consumption. Logic is not iTunes.
It's a good thing when a supplier can deliver a part before Apple begins to sell it.
If you need (or want) 256GB, it's available. Why do you want Apple to raise the minimum price on everyone else?
Yes, but we all clicked the link--and that's what matters to ad-supported media.
It's about time we put that tired argument to bed.
There is no reason for either. It would just be an added expense for no benefit.
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