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I'm surprised by the support of Herman Cain. I can't stand that man, but at least I know there aren't as many bigots as I thought. Well, I guess they are another kind since they like him and are still suporting him despite the allegations. Change.2011.
Great now we have carrier fanboys. Guess I gotta say AT&T is the best since I'm with them!
That would be so awesome. I'm gonna ask Siri if it's okay to take my helmet off!
I'm getting so many dirty thoughts right now...
77+19 is 96%. But 'somewhat satisfied' is much too vague. It seems that you aren't comprehending context. Very satisfied would be a 5 star review on Amazon.
Wasn't people prasing that 96% of iPhone users are satsified when there's more components to it that we've been led to belive? 87% Satisfied. There. I guess we're gonna get back to definitons agian.
Damn it, I knew I spelled it wrong. Thanks job, for blocking Google out of existence!
I love AT&T so far. Much better than sprint. AT&T lowered my bill from $575 to $274. HUZZAH! Plus, for some reason they 3G is better/more reliable/faster than Sprint's 4G.
But if you're breathing as you're typing, are you not alive?
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