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I agree with earlier comments about it working off a gimmick.   However at those price points - i think its DOA - its new to the market and trying to sell on established HIGH END PHONE rates. Thought they would try to price point like the kindle - oh well its cool to an extent but not $600+ cool to own.
or cant rule out there are not 2 of the same?  one begot the other? lol.
I know i have not commented in a while - but i think this is political theatre to appease the customer base as PRETENDING TO DO SO but not actually doing anything.  I agree with a previous comment that said if SAID company does not comply with demands of big brother - then surely bogus investigations would follow.   This is NOT to far fetched to believe.   So business as usual - google's gmail encryption will still be given backdoor access to the NSA (I assume or...
not correct - when i go there - there is NO DEVICES listed at all  _ i did call tech support and YES they did revoke the certs- but this still has not solved it for everyone of my contacts with an iphone - some got the iphone because its an easy phone but DO NOT want to mess with deleting a contact to re-add one.   So after all of the suggestions and all the supposed fixes - i still am not getting some peoples SMS from iphones.   Apple needs to address this and i am...
Note to MODs - please advise if this is the right area to post.   http://www.theguardian.com/world/201...tion-rajesh-de When the Guardian and the Washington Post broke the Prism story in June, thanks to documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden, nearly all the companies listed as participating in the program – Yahoo, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and AOL – claimed they did not know about a surveillance practice described as giving NSA vast access to their...
Ah boy I never said apple should not be allowed to appeal I said they should let it go! And apple chose the judge trial too they could have opted for a jury. Amazing how people can worship a company and never see them as wrong dispute them making god products.
Dude read the verdict and then u will see what they are guilty of or perhaps they are appealing a innocent conviction and while you are at it request that Samsung pay their dues too for there guilt. And if amazon is brought up on charges too then let them pay for any proven crimes! Simple law and order money and greed. Stop pretending apple is wholesome.
Exactly - everyone proven guilty should pay and Samsung is just pathetic there - perhaps the worst!
Ah dude maybe u did not see what I wrote all corporations!!! That includes amazon... Amazon is a corporation too money before principals. Apple is guilty plain and simple. Next!
Amazing how people believe corporations are honest lol They got caught they are not the first or will they be the last. I love my iPad and macs don't get me wrong... But Apple is about making money pure and simple. They are the same as Exxon, Pepsi and every other share holders company - profit profit and sometimes the ethical lines get blurred. I work as a deposition videographer and this is not my first time seeing this with apple or every other company. Been...
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