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 There also used to be signs that also said "No Negro's". To me, if you want to pass a bill to allow the refusal of service, make the bigots wear their beliefs on their sleaves(or storefronts). Like the No shoes, no shirt, no service, let people in the community know just who you won't serve. At least be honest, don't let someone walk into the store with expectation of service and then say, "no, we don't serve your kind here". Let the world know of your bigoted...
The specs are nice, but the interface is still just terrible. I am assuming the low res icons will now look even worse when in the carousel on these HD screens. On the other hand, the "mayday" button, if it works as advertized, seems to be very cool idea. I am guessing that since they cater to a non enthusiast crowd, this will actually save them man hours over having tech support try to explain things over the phone.
 Well, BBC's Sherlock is on Netflix and a few odd Marvel movies, but it seems more and more its filled with B movies that were direct to video. I used to love my netflix account, but more and more I just watch stuff on Amazon prime or Hulu.
The one thing I like about Sony phones at this time is that they made a water poof/resistant phone that doesn't look like a big plastic toy. As someone who as lost a phone from being pushed into a pool, I hope it becomes a more common feature accross the board.
  Yeah, I noticed the misspelling but unfortunately can't edit posts at work.   I was simply drawing a comparison between his speaking out against a major injustice of his time, but i can see how that was difficult to see.  And for me, its not a gay rights agenda, its an equality issue(which I believe Dr. King had a few thoughts on).  
Seriously, look up the image that got it banned.  It is a postage stamp sized image on 1 page of a comic book in a highly regarded series.  Its not a pornoghraphic comic, although it is more geared for adults.    I don't have issues with Apple curating the app store.  If they don't want sex in the store, thats their choice.  But it should be applied equally(and the prior issues that included genitalia could have been a simple oversight and they may be removed).  As for...
  Your right, I couldn't stand Martin Luthor Kings whining either, who needs equality, its not promised in our constitiution or anything...   /S if actually needed
  Or logic can be applied to the situation, since these are quarterly numbers.  These numbers include the massive sales spike that occurs everytime a new Iphone is released.  It generally goes something like this:   Release quarter: Massive spike, outsells the competition handily Next quarter:  % will drop, but will still be high due to holiday sales 3rd quarter:  sales drop after christmas, competing with new android phones being released through that quarter 4th...
  I love the fact he made the designers clean the floor.  All to often designers/engineers get caught up in their desire to make everything beautiful and shiny, with no thought towards practicality.  It was a great way to teach these designers, and i guarantee it is a something that they remember(I guessing fondly at this point) anytime they are designing a a public/high traffic space, the importance of proper materials.
  I find the weight complaints to be crazy, that now we are saying something having heft makes it higher quality.  It reminds me of the luxury automakers who used to put weights in the door so they would have a more solid feel.  Yet now they are all about reducing weight for fuel economy.  Your right in that people are going to complain about everything.  The phone is a solid chunk of metal with one of the strongest screens available, and quality compoments.  How anyone...
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