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  Or logic can be applied to the situation, since these are quarterly numbers.  These numbers include the massive sales spike that occurs everytime a new Iphone is released.  It generally goes something like this:   Release quarter: Massive spike, outsells the competition handily Next quarter:  % will drop, but will still be high due to holiday sales 3rd quarter:  sales drop after christmas, competing with new android phones being released through that quarter 4th...
  I love the fact he made the designers clean the floor.  All to often designers/engineers get caught up in their desire to make everything beautiful and shiny, with no thought towards practicality.  It was a great way to teach these designers, and i guarantee it is a something that they remember(I guessing fondly at this point) anytime they are designing a a public/high traffic space, the importance of proper materials.
  I find the weight complaints to be crazy, that now we are saying something having heft makes it higher quality.  It reminds me of the luxury automakers who used to put weights in the door so they would have a more solid feel.  Yet now they are all about reducing weight for fuel economy.  Your right in that people are going to complain about everything.  The phone is a solid chunk of metal with one of the strongest screens available, and quality compoments.  How anyone...
My favorite announcment of the show(unfortunately almost everything had already been leaked about the iPhone 5).  Wasn't expecting this, and it seems like an absolutely perfect workout tool.  My only wishlist for the next upgrade would be to squeeze in a gps if possible, but this looks great.
  Well, it looks like your suspicions were wrong, even if it was handled absolutely terribly by amazon(I know this won't shut you up).  Amazon is normally pretty good about listening to their customers, so while I will say they were stupid for not having it in place from the beginning, I'll give them credit for realizing how bad of an idea it was.  I know, i should provide a link, but someone already has so I think I am good on this one.
  If this ends up being final, then it is a huge mistake on Amazon's part.  I don't find the adds obtrusive on the Kindle Touch, but thats because I spend 99% of the time in a book.  The menu's only function for me is to load the next book(or occasionally purchases directly on the device).  On a tablet, this would not be the case.  The lockscreen advertising wouldn't bother me(I am assuming a static advertisement).  Seeing adds when I am switching apps, browsing, etc...
    "I understand that you would like to opt out of the special offer and willing to pay extra for opting out special offer. Options for unsubscribing special offer will be announced soon"   Maybe you and I are reading this differently, but they seems they are stating that the options will be announced soon.  I have no reason not to believe this, since the option has been offered on their other kindles.  Maybe they will suprise me, but it seems likely that they will have...
    .... http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/07/amazon-confirms-yes-you-can-opt-out-of-ads-on-new-kindle-fire/   I have seen the error of my ways
  .... Lots of people. .... Moving on.
  News and Sports are the only reason I haven't cut the cable(well, on demand is nice too, but that more was more or less a response to online content anyways).  Everything else is more convenient to either watch online or wait for the DVD's
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