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Do you guys think the Macbook will get updated? I'm thinking of buying one, but I may consider waiting if there will be updates (hopefully a better GPU)
anyone know how it runs on the intel dedicated graphics found in the new macbooks and mac minis?
yeah the macbook pro is faster than powerbook g4, but how will regular macbook compare to the best g4 powerbooks?
Hmm.. I currently have a powerbook G4 which i'm going to sell because i have a cracked screen and don't feel it's worth it to buy a new one. i'll need a new computer soon, and am really hoping for the new ibook to come out soon, or else i might have to just buy a regular ibook G4 also: does anyone know how much faster these new ibooks will be compared to.. powerbook G4? Ibook G4?
i was offered 800$ from a parts store. is that a fair price? it's a 15.2' Powerbook G4 1.5ghz with 1.25gb ram, 128mb Radeon 9700, 80g hard drive, a few dents, and a messed up screen.
new screen is 400, and i doubt i can get over 1200 for it on ebay. the new ibook will cost around 1200 so if i sell it i can just save up for that
the 600$ is from powerbookresq.com i just found cheaper panel though http://www.dttservice.com/powerbookg4al.html#pbg4allcd i hear the new ibooks will be around 1000$ so maybe i should wait till they come out and sell this and save for that but will the new ibook be faster then the powerbook 1.5ghz G4? is there an actual point in upgrading?
Hey guys. I have a 15'' Powerbook G4 1.5ghz combodrive the unit is in great working condition, a few dents here and there, but the screen is really messed up. there's a large crack and lots of dead pixels. here's a pic http://www.mikeberlyand.com/screen.jpg to repair the screen it would cost around 600$ so i'm thinking of selling the powerbook and getting an ibook. can anyone recommend a good place to sell it? maybe ebay?
how much did it cost though
yea i have an external its just kind of annoying having a spiderweb on the upper left of the screen, especially when i want to lay in bed with the notebook and chat or whatever. www.powerbookresq.com seems like my only option, or i can just save up for a new macbook pro
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