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haha apple in the blue suit:
They won't surely fugg up 2 times in a row. I have installed.
Those curves look like a 1991 Ford Taurus, not a BMW. :/
Now why the hell would anyone trust her search engine after she picked that ugly, backwards logo? 0_o
you would have to be really HIGH to make all this stuff up.  :D
i Disagree. You can educate and be persuasive without directly asking for a purchase.
Is Sony -still- living in 1993?
They've been fighting in court forever so how exactly would Apple changing suppliers away from Samsung be shocking to anyone who's paid attention to this space?
You mean it hasn't always? It's likely the crashiest app on me phone.
The moving gears is a nice touch, but t-minus 3...2...1... until someone complains that it taxes battery life. :)
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