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NEWCO? Are you fuggin kidding me with that? Sounds like a bankrupt insurance company from the start.
I had the urge to say that natrual is misspelt, but it's English. Surrrrrre does look funny on this side of the pond, though! :B
So that they can watch "tape"? I hate when news anchors do this and they're likely asking for a digital file to be played instead of actual tape. "Tape" and iPad sound crazy haha. :)
Absolutely. That CDW went down quickly and it was common to see any Mac stuff in horrible shape... missing keys, not powered and the staff seemed to not give a damn at one point. This was the heated era of being abused if you walked in asking about Macs. At our former CompUSA location on Chicago near Michigan, they would ignore you, berate you and just flat out insult you before the store allowed a Mac store to move in. I still remember the sole Mac guy who worked that...
Ooops! Looks like Bruce beat me to it.
Many moons ago, prolly up until 9/11, this store location used to be a CDW. Got a beige G3 Power Mac there.
Companies tend to allow journalists to publish the information shortly before the actual event sometimes through a press release. It's a common practice in an attempt to get more coverage for what the company deems good news.
I wish there was a big ass DON'T LIKE button I could click on Tim's head.
Wasn't the iPod introduced in 2001? I remember buying it after 9/11 because I was scared into better enjoying life.
thanks for publishing this... it was a nice read. i look forward to more coverage of mountain lion in this fashion.
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