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Exactly my thoughts. STFU Cook!
Play it again, sam! Haha.
Can't wait for this but ALSO make it easy for me to get my broadband through Apple.
I'd guess about 1:15 to 1:20 into the trailer.
i just bought the 2.4ghz aluminum macbook and am shopping too. i made the mistake of buying cheaper ram years ago with my quadra 840av and had the machine play chimes of death when i was on deadline for submitting some remixes. after that i've gone with what apple's recommended and it's been samsung for me. i may just have to wait.
I've had my Miglia TV HD Mini for a couple of years now and am currently running Eye TV 2.5.2 on my powermac g5 1.6 Ghz 1.25 GB ram 10.4.11 and am quite happy with its performance. I used to run this on my powerbook g4 1.33 ghz, 1.25gb ram but experienced the stuttering issues mentioned above also. The g5 certainly makes a big difference as there's rarely any stuttering or other issues. People who've seen it perform on the g5 are amazed. I use an Acer 22" widescreen...
thanks for the road to leopard previews. they are some of the best mac article reads of the year.
Then why the hell did you post garbage and waste our time -- those of us who DO follow this crap?
that's some fuzzy math he's done.
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