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I'm on 10.4.9 now, and after 2 restarts iCal alerts still appear to the right side of the screen. I didn't realize that it was a widespread problem until seeing it posted here.
That story was a great read. This David likely doesn't know jack about what Steve's up to for his keynote, but he's been in the belly of the beast for a very long time ... thus providing some great insight. We have 5 more days before the Stevenote, so be careful not to O.D. on every tantalizing little rumor morstle that will be thrown your way.
So far, Wall Street types don't think it's likely that Jobs would be ousted. Just a potentially big hit to the restated earnings and a slap on the wrist.
I guess it's best to wait until Friday to see the full show, but the details emerging seem to make this a bit more complicated than before.
I also got a chill when I read the AI article. I love Apple, but patents in general have gotten out of hand. I don't care how much I love Apple, even they shouldn't have this sort of power over technology (if it's true that they gained control over the patent, it actually holds true weight, yadda yadda).
Isn't/wasn't Palm former Mac people?
HAHA! Now that's funny.
some of you are spoiling the positiviity of this potential act of good will by beetchin like old hags. grow up. and for all of you complaining that apple might not be contributing enough to this ONE particular cause (out of many different charities that ask/receive), how much of YOUR earnings are you willing to give? uh huh. that's what i thought. sometimes i wonder if some of you are so genuinely marinated in bitterness, lack healthy productivity/attention elsewhere...
Do you have Sound Enhancer checked in iTunes preferences? I wonder how many people think to check this preference. It can sweeten your music or cause a mess if misapplied, like EQ settings. And is there an equivalent in WMP to make a comparison, if the cd was ripped at the same bitrate, etc.? I'd LOVE to have Sound Enhancer and EQ settings extended to any audio being played in Tiger or Leopard. Would help in boosting/enhancing the sound from my EyeTV software. Anyone...
"Yesterday, Qantas said that Dell notebook users could only use their laptop on a plane on battery power, or with the battery removed and the unit plugged into the power outlet." That makes no sense. Since the batteries are suspect, why would they be able to use battery power?
New Posts  All Forums: