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some of you are spoiling the positiviity of this potential act of good will by beetchin like old hags. grow up. and for all of you complaining that apple might not be contributing enough to this ONE particular cause (out of many different charities that ask/receive), how much of YOUR earnings are you willing to give? uh huh. that's what i thought. sometimes i wonder if some of you are so genuinely marinated in bitterness, lack healthy productivity/attention elsewhere...
Do you have Sound Enhancer checked in iTunes preferences? I wonder how many people think to check this preference. It can sweeten your music or cause a mess if misapplied, like EQ settings. And is there an equivalent in WMP to make a comparison, if the cd was ripped at the same bitrate, etc.? I'd LOVE to have Sound Enhancer and EQ settings extended to any audio being played in Tiger or Leopard. Would help in boosting/enhancing the sound from my EyeTV software. Anyone...
"Yesterday, Qantas said that Dell notebook users could only use their laptop on a plane on battery power, or with the battery removed and the unit plugged into the power outlet." That makes no sense. Since the batteries are suspect, why would they be able to use battery power?
My battery serial is just before the target range and part of me wishes that they were liberal in the ones recalled. But then again, one could send back a perfectly good battery for a dud. Prickly.
I love my macs and my ipods, but I hope that this doesn't erode any long-term competitive spirit in the portable/music gadget arena. Although Creative's products aren't exactly my cup of tea, there's a benefit to having choices. I trust that Apple will remain self-motivated, but checks and balances is a good thing (though one does wonder if it's been asleep in the U.S. govt. for the last 6 years or so.)
Back when the Apple retail stores first opened and the whole Macworld NYC/Boston drama was going on, Apple signified that it would shift away from expo-focused announcements to special events (one reason the in-store theatres were offered). This was because of the high costs associated with expos and because products needed to be introduced when ready, not because a conference loomed. It was also likely a statement of who was boss, after a power struggle with the former...
Nah, Apple's had to scrap too much to get music and movie industry types to buy into their vision. Unlike a parts supplier, it's not as easy to jettisone a large content provider like Lions Gates Films. At least not *yet*. Note to AppleInsider: It's Lions Gate (not Gates).
Where did Oppenheimer confirm that Apple was working on a cell phone? If you mean his comments on the recent earnings call, there was no confirmation of an Apple cell phone. Apple "not sitting around doing nothing" doesn't necessarily mean they're making a cell phone.
I reckon since there's a market for the Ford 500/Food Focus in the U.S., they'll be a market for the Zune, no matter how retarded it sounds thus far. Perhaps the true competition will be between the Zune and whatever Creative's latest flavor. Hmm, this could actually *help* Creative.
Though worded weirdly, it's still a red flag. An increase in revenues might not necessarily offset the increase in expenses. For example, suppose they say "We made $12 million more in X revenue for the July quarter, but restated expenses are actually $89 million higher than before," that'd be quite a black eye. I guess we have to keep an eye on this.
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