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If it's true that a Hon Hai official commented on this at all, they are begging to lose business from Apple. Even the novice realizes how touchy Apple is about unreleased product information!
The BIG question now is, will Steve start wearing Nikes to replace his New Balances at stevenotes/appearances.
It's hard to imagine gadgets nowadays not looking disgustingly 1999 with colors, but we're talking about Apple here. I'm confident that if they returned to using colored exteriors, they'd do it like most others wouldn't. However, it's pretty hard to imagine the use of color without it looking horribly dated 2 weeks after the gadgets' introduction. I look forward to eyeballing whatever they release, but until then, I'm still smitten with my 12" Powerbook. I think...
It'd be interesting to know exactly what the recording industry is doing at this time to kill this proposal and the likelihood of their influence helping its defeat. What's annoying about the press' presentation of this issue is the iPod's perceived dependence on iTMS. It's silly to present the story as if iPods would quit selling if there was no French version of iTMS.
I haven't forgotten how arrogant and neglectful Real was when OS X was introduced. They took their *sweet* time to introduce a compatible player. My have things changed.
It's quaint how the name "macbook" doesn't sound as obtuse as it did upon introduction. But I happen to believe that this 12" powerbook is one of the best laptops ever offered. If this size format will no longer be offered with pro features, let's hope that the replacement product is sufficient enough to satisfy the many of us who are mad about little tanks.
I'm really not a road warrior, but the 12" is great just to shuttle around the house with ease. Even if you don't go far, it's great to have this kind of power and elegance in such a small form factor. For us guys with huge hands, the full keyboard is icing.
Well just *some* things are more pleasurable biggie-sized. There are quite a few of us that enjoy smaller notebooks, however.
Chris, It would probably be a better business decision to stagger the availability (maybe even the introduction, too) of products, especially in the same family. Apple is well aware of the lust that it creates with its products. In order to capitalize, why not release a higher margined product first? Although size is an important consumer consideration, I wouldn't be surprised to see the premium products available sooner than the least expensive offering.
I don't regret buying my 12" superdrive 1.33Ghz G4 aluminum powerbook in February after studying the specs of the models that were introduced in January. (Wanted scrolling trackpad, got it anyway from Amazon for much less. $1,349 shipped sans tax.) I moved from my 15" tibook and was concerned that the smaller size would be an issue. This is without a doubt the best powerbook Apple has produced. It's sturdy like a tank, full-featured and quite portable. The 15" and...
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