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I don't have QT PRO and I am able to play videos imported to iTunes 4.8 full screen just fine. Someone also mentioned earlier that they weren't able to get certain mpg video files to play in iTunes. Here's a little trick I did that allowed me to play an otherwise unusable mpg file that I downloaded using Firefox. I ftp'd the video it up to my site using Fetch, then downloaded it back to my mac using Fetch again. I'm not sure if the file was in a weird format...
I'd like not to think of iTunes as dirty dishwater, but I understand what you mean. (There are more pleasurable uses for dirty dishwater. ) HOWEVER, Apple's move to let iTunes play video in this fashion is interesting on several fronts, including giving windows media player a more direct run for it's money. Think about the bajillion number of windows pc owners who already have iTunes installed. Even if there are no true plans to sell video downloads, Apple probably...
From a positive standpoint, it would be one less app for most to open, both mac and pc.
If these are true reports, can you say OVERREACTION? I'm a big Apple fan, but please get OVER YOURSELF (if so).
Well this is still a rumor and there aren't any details, but on the face of it, I'd still prefer to buy music outright. If Apple does indeed move in this direction, it would be entertaining to hear Steve explain himself out of his declaration that "people don't want rent music".
Very interesting. Made me think of the Intel Inside campaign, first off. As a small business owner, I can understand why those with slim margins already would be in jeopardy, especially on a low-priced accessory. However, smaller vendors can organize as an independent group, authorized by someone like Ipodlounge, Ipod Garage or Ipoding.com, like small insurance producers do. Or they could just create their own orgnization. "Independent Portable Players...
There's more than one side to a story, so don't jump.
Oooh. That's sexy. But probably taken already.
Le ha ha! *pirouettes* Bonjour????? Even Konnekt is a better name.
Re: Powerbooks. Where's the beef? One can only hold on to his battered tibook 550 for so long. Especially after the screen was ripped off. http://chrisgraydeep.com/hingeoff.jpg
New Posts  All Forums: