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Do you guys remember about a year or so ago.. someone shot some pictures of what was rumored to be a new Apple product.. it had a similar green layout and style as the new iLife logo... Which site was that? I *think* it was macosrumors, but not sure. Whoever it was lashed pretty badly when the materials didn't surface, but I remember the whole lightbulb thing and green scheme that is now present with iLife and iWork. Thanks.
Random eh? I guess we'll have to wait for Steve to spell out how it works. Have confidence.. it likely won't be herky jerky, like the other stuff on the market.
' One frustrated iMac G5 adopter fumed in e-mail conversation with AppleInsider, demanding that Apple complete the document so they he may be instructed on how to safely "put the computer back down."' Buah HAHAH! You're gonna feel the wrath of Steve for that.
You could always have all of your Apple gear customized. :]
Would be great if they could manage to produce an updated eMac at edu institutional pricing of $599 and $649 for individual edu purchases. $699 for all others, but would be hard to do this with a G5 chip. A G4 model at a lower price point would be attractive to some switchers, but only if it was done with a reasonable profit margin.
I already have the ability to show itunes status/songs in ichat thanks to a 3rd party solution, but hallelujah to tabbed messages! Having a few chats at once takes up so much precious screen real estate.
This is great. Can't wait to see some test results from VaTech. The exclusive offer could be perceived as a sweeter incentive for other institutions mulling a supercomputer made from xserves. At least let's hope so.
If someone did this using the QT controls seen in that Incredibles screen grab, would be fab.
It would be great to have an entire desktop theme based on the look of those QT controls. Apple should at least make the QT player interface in that style... Maybe some third party type is reading this?
Hmmm. Shouldn't the current distributors have seen the handwriting on the wall once Apple acquired Emagic? Also, ProBand is a horrible name to replace Logic. I would bet that a considerable amount of people who have used Logic over the years (self-included) are solo producers/artists. It's a great brand name already. Leave it be.
New Posts  All Forums: