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This makes me think of this...      And we know how that worked out in the end.
The real future for many applications on all the platforms lies instead in hybrid apps. Which is an app wrapping a browser interface and HTML5 will provide the interactivity. This provides the immediacy and convenience of an installed app but simplifies the app development and updating process - you're customers are always on the latest version. Only apps requiring true native hardware access (mainly games) will be native apps.
Oh man, first selling your 10% stake for next to nothing. Then selling the original agreement for likely not much either before Jobs returned to Apple. Not the best luck/foresight in the world
Wow, this is an interesting thread. And I totally agree with you. On my late 2008 MBP, I noticed a drop in battery life that was dramatic with Snow Leopard (or one of its patches). I bought a new battery from Apple thinking it was just end of life, but new batter has same issue. Can't believe it would be a software problem and one they are now tackling. I would really welcome this upgrade!
I'm a mac fan and have invested in many of apple's products. But unless this thing can beat the picture on my Pioneer Elite Kuro Plasma (which I doubt), then I would pass.
I had one of these in 1986 - 25 years ago! And it worked quite well actually. In the past 25 years surely the tech has advanced enough to drive (or at least top up the charge) on laptop.
If you have 2 drives in a mini can you RAID them?
I honestly don't think it would take much. The HW is the same, the OS is the same the screen resolution is different but iOS has resolution independence and would be trivial to write apps that are native for the screen. They have the distribution app store already. I really don't think it would take Apple much to create an app store for apple TV. There's so much cool stuff they could do with an iPhone controlling apple tv apps that are on your big screen. And rumour is...
This new Apple TV is all about apps. Runs iOS, built on A4. How hard for them to make an SDK to build aps for this where ipod/iphone/ipad is controller. Games seen on screen on apple tv but controlled by iPhone.
VBA is coming in office 2011 http://blogs.msdn.com/b/nadyne/archi...ffice-mac.aspx Welcome back macro viruses!
New Posts  All Forums: