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Bell and Telus together shared the cost to create a 3G GSM network in Canada - presumably a large objective of that was to be able to sell iPhones. iPhones sold by bell in canada are not CDMA.
One of the error screen shots on gizmodo showed an NSAPI plug-in error message on the AT&T site. NSAPI is old s*&t (netscapes iplanet web server). That under load and a not perfectly configured load balancer that is properly sticking sessions to servers can result in session corruption where you get another users session and hence see their info. If I were a betting man, that's what I'd attribute it to.
Mine's on the truck May 28, 2010 9:23 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery TORONTO, ON
scrap my first idea. it's updated iPod Socks
Tablet available in colors like the nano? Or the announcements is iPhone mini avail in colors and no tablet at all
Cell phones have been digital since PCS - which is like 15 years ago.
So how about Apple agrees to Pystart's demand But with a twist. Sell a non-Apple hardware version of Mac OS for $999.99 Which would make Pystars computers uncompetitive if they legally acquired the software. But Still charge only $29 for apple computer users to upgrade. Apples argument would be that the OEM Apple HW buyer is subsidizing the OS cost and hence gets it cheaper. Whereas a Pystar buyer has no subsidy and has to pay fair value for the OS. Similar to a...
I never said it was easy or inexpensive.
You're kidding right? Each of these platform changes you mentioned also provided Adobe with a reason for a new version of their suite to encourage upgrades and hence make a lot of money. As for Carbon/Cocoa any developer with half a brain would know that Cocoa is/was the only long term framework for mac os and that that is what they should have focused on years ago. Adobe's task would be easier if its apps weren't bloated pigs. Acrobat reader is a prime example. ...
And the important part in that case is that the OS vendor was Microsoft and they signed a non-exclusive license for DOS to IBM which opened the doors for selling the OS to other clone makers. Apple has no interest and no desire to license mac OS to clone vendors.
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