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Sad that you place a higher value on being ballsy than being creative or original.
Yeah right. And when these people that are building their own macs run into problems and apple refuses to support them because "hey we told you this Mac OS really only runs on our HW" they'll be perfectly happy with that response? Apple would get sued left right and center. I really don't understand why there is so much debate about the topic. Apple sells Mac systems - HW and SW. They sell SW upgrades so that your system can be upgraded to the latest features. They...
Really that's what you want? That's the Windows world. Where any tom, dick or harry can make PC's or their components. That leads to numerous driver stability problems and compatibility issues. That's a big reason for BSOD's on Windows. I for one much prefer having the OS and HW built by the same vendor and having them ensure reliability. I will and do pay a premium for that added quality.
Do you own one and have you tried this? I own one and an HP for work that has a matte screen. I have used both side by side on my backyard deck in the sun. The Mac's was infinitely more readible. The glossy screen concern is overblown IMO. In the stores you do see quite a lot of reflection from overhead flourescent lights and track lights. In regular use at my home and office, I don't notice reflections at all and the screen just seems so much brighter and sharper than...
Jobs return is THE event. No need for a product to go along with it. Put him out on stage, have him say "Boom". Done. That would send the stock through the roof.
I would absolutely hate if that happened. Nothing IMO wrecks a brand like when great companies start designing crappy products made by crappy manufacturers. Ferrari comes to mind with the junky Acer notebook in ferrari red. That is pure tacky. And Porsche making pens and glasses also tarnishes the brand IMO. Makes it cheap. "I can't afford a Porsche, so I'll get a Porsche pen".
How is FW800 not better than FW400? It's twice as fast as it and backward compatible with it provided you use a connector adapater or appropriate 400/800 cable. And FW 400/800 both blow USB 2 out of the water for performance.
Remember the display also has built in speakers, a power supply for the MacBook, a USB hub and an iSight camera. You have to compare apples to apples (no pun) when looking at the price of this display. FWIW, I saw one at an Apple store and damn, it is one sexy looking display. Would make a nice companion to my new MBP.
I'm very happy with the display on my new MBP. I thought the glossy would be a big issue coming from a matte imac and it hasn't been an issued at all, I'm getting used to it and am liking it better - especially for Aperture. I can get the screen to flop down if I hold the mac at an extreme angle, but for desktop use, laptop use and laying back on a couch with the MBP's screen fully tilted back, I have't had any occurances of this affecting my use. I use the track pad...
64-bit doesn't help performance. It helps run apps that need >4Gigs memory. I doubt you need >4gigs for a web browser.
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