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More like $580 Million. This settlement equates to roughly 2 bucks for every iPod sold. But you're right, they got away pretty cheaply. The patents must have been pretty buttoned up for Apple to agree to $100MM settlement.
No worries. If MS builds it, it will be 5 years late and look like this:
I never understand counterfeiters. You go to all the trouble to make a fake iPod shuffle and make the packaging look almost perfect but get the wording on the box wrong. - You'd think that would be the easy part. For the fake Nanos, if it doesn't have a doc connector, how do you charge it or transfer songs to it? I guess this is the sign that iPod has really made it as a market leading brand.
And Avid
It's an analysts #1 trick. When you have nothing to say, wow them with a graph! Works like a charm
Wow this can't be the same AppleInsider forum where just yesterday there was nothing but negativity about the Intel situation. This just shows, that change isn't always a bad thing. Bring on the Intel chips!
Yeah that makes sense - except they plan to ship Intel machines by next summer which would mean they are going to run Tiger. So probably some 10.4.x version will be first commercial for Intel.
Every version of OSX todate has been fully compatible with Intel chips. Did you watch the keynote?
Huh?? Apple was one of the first PC makers to support wifi and bluetooth. All their laptops now come with wifi standard (not true on the PC side) and most of their computers come with bluetooth standard or it can be added BTO. How many PC's have bluetooth included?
Ironically, the Mac was supposed to be called McIntosh but apple was sued by the audio gear company of the same name. They changed it from Mc to Mac to resolve the case. Glad they did - or we'd be using McOS X!
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