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Or should he...http://www.wptn.com/back00/tmrk_011_sep00.html Nutso!
Excellent news! I bought an iMac G5 after getting an iPod last year. And 3 other friends of mine also bought a mac from first having an iPod. The halo effect is very much real.
More than one is what I meant.
This article also mentions new airport base stations. I for one would like Apple to include LAN ports on the airport extreme base station (4 would be nice). A la every other wireless router out there.
3 of these boxes together on a store shelf will make you think you've entered the adult software section!
Hopefully Core Data will add better management of XML data sources and DOM manipulation. This is one area Cocoa is pretty weak at. I'd also like to see xcode get better at intellisense like visual studio.
They are absolutely not effective. In our business, it can take a new developer months to get up to speed learning the technology and code base and be productive. No way you could temp that sort of thing out. One thing that has worked well in the past though was hiring (yes paying) co-op students as part of engineering school work terms to do smaller 3-4 month projects. They bring a great energy and new perspective on projects that are well contained.
CAS is Column Address Strobe (there's also RAS - Row Address Strobe). Basically it's how RAM is addressed and accessed by a memory control. Think of RAM as a grid of bits of data. When you want to read a bit, you have to supply the row and column to find where the bit is in the grid. There is a delay from when the column address is strobed until the column data can be read - the shorter the delay the faster the memory. When an iMAc G5 has two memory sticks of the...
Yip that'll do it. No mention of CAS latency timing in the specs, but if you're buying two of these, they should match each other and you'll benefit from 128 bit memory access
I don't believe it's a fake. i mean he could've just added those words after the fact. 2 more days, let's keep it going!
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