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Yeah, when you look at one, it does seem to fit the bill for the picture on the box. And the plot thickens...
I'll go down on record as saying - if it is the new iMac - me likes and wants one! Very clean. 8)
Arrghh! Now we need some pics of the grassy knoll...
I'm not sold on the validity of this. But if they are prototype units, or demo units, there's nothing to say Apple couldn't just use any old packaging to transport them. I work in the high-tech industry and I know what goes into packing for a tradeshow - stuff it into anything that it will fit in!
Nope, you're not stupid. I used to have my whole collection in a MP9 library. Switching to iTunes was like a breath of fresh air - so much easier to find and organize music. Someone has to say it, so I will: I just hope iTunes Music Store comes to Canada before Windows Media store does!
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